PixoTest® is the new all-in-one, meter-free blood glucose monitoring system. The innovative colorimetric measurement technology means you only need to carry a smartphone and sufficient test units for daily use. The PixoTest® app guides you through the measurement process. Your blood glucose readings are available at any time through the app or from the Cloud.


Simple and convenient all-in-one PixoTest®

  • Compact

    The all-in-one test unit is small. You can easily carry it in your pocket.

  • Connected

    Results are automatically saved to your smartphone. No extra recordkeeping is needed, as the smartphone is your glucose meter.

  • Convenient

    You only need a PixoTest® and your smartphone to measure the blood glucose value in your blood. No additional equipment is required. This is a meter free system.

  • Precise

    The self-testing, in vitro diagnostic system is very precise and accurate.

  • Mobile

    The PixoTest® is perfect for travelling and measuring your blood on the go. The information is available anywhere and at any time.

  • Discreet

    People don’t need to know you’re diabetic. With PixoTest® , you can monitor your blood glucose anywhere and at any time.


  • Purely Smartphone operated

    No additional device required

  • All-in-one

    Integrated test strip and lancet

  • App and Cloud

    Save your measurements directly to your smartphone.
    Services are free of charge

  • Discreet and easy to use

    Everywhere, any time

Measurements available on all your devices, all the time

PixoTest® lets you measure your blood glucose concentration with your smartphone. You’ll see the results directly on your screen. Compare the latest measurements with the previous ones. PixoTest® offers Cloud access to even more data. Compare your results with the target values, display your results in graphs and charts, and store them for doctor’s visits.

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  • Single Test Unit
    Tear open the packaging and take out the PixoTest  .

  • screen1
  • Small lancet included
    Twist the protective cap covering the lancet twice and pull it away from the lancet.

  • screen1
  • Prick your finger with safety lancet
    Press the lancet downward firmly against your finger to prick it.

  • screen1
  • Results appear quickly
    Place the drop of blood in the test unit eyelet. The result will appear on your smartphone screen.

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    • Turn on the TV! Discovery is broadcasting iXensor!

      iXensor was invited to join the American famous TV series, Innovations TV, to introduce our unique and innovative PixoTest technology. Innovations TV follows the latest advances in healthcare, science, technology, agriculture, sustainability, business, and more. iXensor is proud to be invited to join the episode talking about PixoTest, a new technology for self-management and mobile […]

      4. January 2017
    • Try it out! PixoTest BGMS is doing on-line marketing in Switzerland & German now!

      PixoTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System is running an on-line marketing in Switzerland & German now. People who are interested can get a free kit for testing. They can also buy it from Galaxus, the biggest on-line shop in Switzerland. The innovation drew lots of attention. Come and check it out! http://www.blutzucker-testen.ch

      4. January 2017
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