iXensor’s core technology

Software measurement algorithm and application

Hardware design and system integration

The Cloud platform

PixoTest Innovation

The PixoTest technology utilizes the lighting and image sensing module of the smartphone (or mobile device) to detect the color change reaction on the biochemical test strip (US patent granted). The image of the test strip is captured by the front camera of the smartphone and analyzed via the measurement algorithm to turn out a quantified or semi- quantified result. With the control on light sources with multiple wavelengths from the screen lighting module of the smartphone, the PixoTest Innovation can be applied on different biomarker measurements.

Know more about the PixoTest application

PixoHealth Hub

iXensor’s globally-exclusive PixoTest technology can turn mobile devices into In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices. With PixoHealth App, test readings can be measured, recorded and uploaded to the cloud “PixoHealth Hub”. This enables users to monitor their conditions of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, women health problems, or infectious diseases. The data can also be used for patients’ self-management, medical professionals’ analysis or the government’s appraisal of disease control policies.