Why decentralized testing now?

Over the past two years and a half, the global healthcare sector has experienced various shifts and developments. The pandemic’s far-reaching impact across economies and healthcare systems has affected everything from clinical practices to laboratory capacities and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing trends.

One of the most apparent changes is in COVID-19 diagnostic practices shifting from professional healthcare practitioners’ sampling with central lab PCR tests to consumers’ self-testing with comfort at home plus the telehealth service if a prescription or certification is needed.

This paradigm shift to decentralized testing, which includes POC testing and at-home self-testing, has started to impact many therapeutic areas ranging from infectious disease screening to women’s health monitoring and chronic disease diagnosing and the decentralized clinical trial (DCT) with increasing demands.

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Why iXensor?

Technology-assisted decentralized testing and management are seen as one of the critical areas in which quality of care can be improved while reducing costs. At iXensor, we have interdisciplinary and integrated medical engineering, biochemistry, and information technology expertise to develop and manufacture innovative diagnostics and digital health solutions that empower tomorrow’s smart healthcare.

iXensor is strategically located in Silicon Island – Taiwan, which has the world-leading Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Together with the booming Biotech sector and the world-renowned National Health Insurance System, Taiwan is becoming the world CDMO center for many biosimilar medicines and medical diagnostics.

iXensor is well positioned to meet the demands of the growing decentralized testing, especially self-testing, as we received the world’s first US FDA approval for the smartphone camera-based blood test in 2017! We hold the key to turning smartphones into medical diagnostics through our PixoTech® platform protected by more than 70 international IPs. In addition, we have been able to offer a complete data management solution through digitizing test results and synchronizing them seamlessly from devices to clouds for better self-monitoring or patient consultations.
  • We’re deeply rooted in smart In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD).
  • We’re well-connected in the ICT and MedTech industries.
  • We have successful experiences with US FDA and CE Mark.
  • We fully comply with ISO 13485 and QMS/GMP.

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What do we offer?

Combining the leading edge in medical engineering with our unmatched experience and expertise in advanced optical sensing technology through the PixoTech® platform and its algorithm, iXensor can provide a crucial advantage to your company, regardless of diagnostic companies for digitizing home-based testing, or pharmaceuticals for companion diagnostics and decentralized clinical trials (DCT), or health tech startups for smart at-home testing and ultimately to the patients you serve.

In addition, we leverage Taiwan’s innovation strengths in ICT and Medtech to provide turn-key solutions with integrated expertise and supply chains to manage costs and shorten the time of bringing innovative connected Point-Of-Care and At-Home testing to the market.
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