Core Technology & Capabilities

PixoTech® Platform

PixoTech® as iXensor’s core technology platform can turn smartphones into in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices through its smart color sensing technology for connected healthcare. It utilizes the lighting and image sensing modules of the smartphone to detect the color change reaction on the immunoassay or colorimetric strip (US patent granted). The images of the test strip are captured by the front camera of the smartphone and analyzed via the proprietary algorithm to turn out a qualitative or semi-quantitative or quantitative result. With the control on light sources with multiple wavelengths from the screen lighting module of the smartphone, the PixoTech® algorithm can be easily customized to accommodate different biomarkers.

PixoHealth® XLab

iXensor’s co-development laboratory is designed to collaborate with worldwide test strip partners and enable rapid development of PixoTech-compatible tests remotely. Instead of receiving test strip prototypes from partners for verification and measurement in iXensor’s laboratory, the PixoTech® XLab pre-embedded PixoTest POCT analyzers are dispatched to co-development partners. These analyzers provide an accurate and efficient means to analyze results. They seamlessly transfer result images to the cloud for machine learning-enabled analysis. iXensor’s algorithm team then remotely models and tailors the algorithms to deliver clinical-grade accuracy.

PixoHealth Hub

PixoHealth Hub is iXensor’s cloud server that stores data and generates tailor-made dashboards. It captures strip color changes and test results transmitted wirelessly from iXensor’s in-vitro-diagnostic products with data security in place and privacy policy complied. With the customizable data presentation, it empowers patients for self-management, facilitates medical consultation with historical data, and enables healthcare professionals to monitor their patients’ conditions remotely via telehealth.