iXensor Eveline·Care Telehealth Fertility Service Covered in MobiHealth News

iXensor latest Eveline·Care service enables fertility consultants to access a patient’s fertility data and remotely monitor their conditions in real-time.

MobiHealth News and other media have covered this telehealth fertility tool as below:

“The Eveline·Care telehealth service enables fertility consultants to access patient’s ovulation test data and recorded symptoms via a dashboard, which also presents their hormone profile chart.”

“Users of the Eveline app must first authorise fertility consultants to access their data, including their luteinising hormone (LH) levels, basal body temperature, mood, diet and daily symptoms. Physicians are able to remotely monitor a patient’s fertility condition in real-time and provide consultation through the Eveline·Care platform.”

“This telehealth service supports intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments. Once an LH surge is detected, the Eveline·Care platform automatically notifies a physician who can then invite their patient to the clinic in time for the IUI procedure.”

Read more at: https://reurl.cc/aN5p0l