iXensor’s Eveline·Care telehealth empowering fertility services to assist patients’ conceptions with at-home test monitoring

Palo Alto, California / Taipei, Taiwan, September 14th, 2021 – iXensor Co., Ltd. (6734.TWO)

iXensor, the pioneer of mobile health, launches its new Eveline·Care service, effectively turning the smartphone-based Eveline Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) into a telehealth-enabled fertility monitoring system. This telehealth service is anticipated by OB-GYN practitioners and highly appreciated by patients for comfortable at-home testing, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic globally.


Helping couples to conceive all around the world

Aiming to help couples ease the stress of trying to conceive, iXensor develops Eveline, an AI-powered ovulation prediction kit based on its patented PixoTech® technology, transforming smartphones into at-home testing devices. Eveline leverages front cameras of smartphones to analyze luteinizing hormone (LH) test strips and inform current ovulation status with 99% accuracy. On top of that, the AI-powered Eveline App predicts up to 5 fertile days per menstruation cycle. Users are then conveniently reminded through personalized notifications, thus they never miss the peak time to get pregnant.


What does Eveline·Care offer?

Eveline·Care is a telehealth platform that enables fertility consultants to seamlessly access their patients’ timely ovulation test data and recorded symptoms through a live dashboard presentation, including a hormone profile chart. Eveline users authorize participating fertility consultants to access their fertility data captured on the Eveline App. Such data includes their luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, basal body temperature (BBT), mood, diet, and daily symptoms. Eveline·Care allows physicians to monitor a patient’s fertility condition in real-time remotely and provide comprehensive consultation.


“Eveline·Care gives patients a better understanding of their hormonal patterns and makes the communication with doctors more straightforward. The feedback we are getting from patients is very encouraging,” said Mei-Chao Hsu, M.D., Director at Sumay’s Medical Clinic.


How does Eveline·Care facilitate IUI?

Another use case of Eveline·Care lies in supporting Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatments. For a successful IUI procedure, the timing is crucial. Once the LH surge happens, the participating physician is automatically notified through Eveline·Care platform and can invite the patient back to the clinic in time for the IUI procedure. This solution increases the chance of a successful IUI treatment by reducing the risk scenario that the patient ovulates earlier than expected.


Attending doctor Yi-Pin Li commented on the service: “Eveline·Care platform empowers us to monitor IUI patients’ hormonal levels frequently and remotely, so we can make sure they don’t miss their critical timings in the IUI treatment. As a result, our patients feel confident knowing their doctors are always monitoring their status for IUI procedure and thereby ensuring a higher success rate.”


About iXensor
iXensor, the pioneer of mobile health, turns smartphones into lab-grade mobile medical diagnostics. In 2017, iXensor introduced the PixoTest® Blood Glucose Monitoring System as the world’s first US FDA-approved smartphone camera-based blood test. Based on the PixoTech® platform, iXensor has ventured into at-home self-testing and clinical point-of-care diagnostics across infectious diseases, women’s health, and cardiovascular diseases.
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