How can insurance companies leverage the efficiency of mobile health? iXensor is presenting their innovative Point-of-care testing system at DIA, Amsterdam.

iXensor will present their mobile healthcare at DIA in Amsterdam to show how they can save the cost and time for Insurance company.

Taipei, Taiwan (May 14, 2018)- iXensor, the world’s leading mobile health provider, is going to present their innovative hand-held PixoTest Point-of-Care Testing system (PixoTest POCT System) with the features of integrating chronic disease test markers, fast results and onsite report and seamless data transmission which reduces the time and cost of healthcare at Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) in Amsterdam.

“We found that people spend much time on turnaround time with hospitals and laboratories for regular blood check.” Said Carson Chen, CTO of iXensor. “PixoTest POCT system demonstrates its value of mobile health to save the time and cost for people and entire healthcare system.”

iXensor’s PixoTest Point-of-Care Testing System allows people to complete the tests in 5 minutes. Patients can take the report onsite and their data can be synchronized to clinics or hospitals seamlessly. Its hand-held design allows healthcare professionals to bring it anywhere. It improves patient care while simultaneously decreases cost, providing huge benefits for related parties such as insurance companies. It’s CE marked and available in EU market.

“We believe a better healthcare system benefits not only patients but also stakeholders like insurance companies, even the whole society.” Said Gabriel Chao, the Director of Business Development of iXensor. “DIA is a great place for us to show how our solution provides a win-win situation.”

iXensor will present their innovation at DIA, Amsterdam from May 16th to 17th. Its promising technology is worth expected!