Community care transformed by PixoTest in Italy amid pandemic

PixoTest POCT System digitalizes HbA1c and Lipid testing in the pharmacy

Business Challenge

In the face of COVID-19, health care systems worldwide have been prompted to spare non-critical hospital visits among chronic disease patients. As a result, chronic disease patients face a very unique challenge, as their health condition demands long-term monitoring, active alerting and near-by consultancy with comprehensive records of their medical history.



The need for efficient and decentralized health care services has never been higher.



Zentiva is a European pharmaceutical company. Its regional footprint demonstrates the capacity to make and distribute high-quality generic as well as OTC medicines in the heart of Europe. Zentiva serves millions of people through its extensive network of pharmacy customers across Europe.



A new, digitalized community care model emerges whilst the COVID-19 pandemic presses the need for better chronic disease management.


Digitalized Community Care Model

In April 2020, Zentiva introduced the private membership program through its digital transformation initiative together with Alpha Pharma – iXensor’s Partner in Italy. The private membership program offers subscribing patients the benefit of viewing and tracing testing results of metabolic parameters via a digital platform (IRIS Health Care, developed by Alpha Pharma).

When a member patient walks into any one of the equipped pharmacies for their regular HbA1c/lipid check-up, their GP can access their test results in real-time and can therefore react, make treatment plans in a timely manner. The new service has been rolled out to 250 pharmacies and will grow to 400 pharmacies.


HealthTech Solution

The PixoTest® POCT system developed by iXensor Co., plays a vital role in this service model. It enables seamless connectivity among patients, community caregivers and medical consultancy, forming an interoperable eco-system for data management.

The PixoTest® POCT system consists of a hand-held, portable device and test strips that measure patients’ HbA1c and lipid panels (TC, TG, HDL and calculated LDL) in 3 minutes. It features the PixoHealth® management system, which synchronizes testing records via wifi or GSM network, and can send test results to personal devices, integrated patient management systems or EMRs for instant medical consultancy.

The nature of PixoTest® POCT system’s connectivity makes the management of chronic disease ─ monitoring, tracking, alerting and professional consultation ─  easier than ever.

The PixoTest® POCT system transforms community pharmacies into valued medical service providers of regular check-ups and pre-screening for high-risk customers. More importantly, physicians and pharmacists get to retrieve history data and give timely advice remotely without missing a beat.


Zentiva utilizes PixoTest at community pharmacies in Italy


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