Merck®’s CURAFA™ are points of care that provide integrated healthcare services to underserved communities. Their aim is to make quality services accessible and affordable for patients. They offer medicines, basic clinical services and digital health solutions from disease screening to remote physician consultations, while also providing access to disease awareness and education. They’re currently piloting the concept with five facilities located outside Nairobi, Kenya. These are run by local entrepreneurs, pharmaceutical technologists, clinical officers and nurses who can deliver basic pharmaceutical and clinical services, medicines, digital health solutions, insurance, and patient financing schemes. Their hope is that these modern spaces, which are equipped with WiFi access, tablet PCs and refrigerators, will also provide a base for fellow innovators to collaborate on new scalable healthcare service solutions.

PixoTest® POCT System Demonstrates its Value

PixoTest® POCT System, developed by iXensor, which enables the delivery of instant clinical tests for people with diabetes (HbA1c) and cardiovascular diseases (lipid panel) within a single instrument. This helps to support the management of people with these common diseases by enabling on-the-spot advice for effective behavioral change. The pilot has now finished, with users and pharmacies giving a very good response to the operation of the device and tests. “This is a great example of what can happen when a corporate and a startup join forces.” says Michael Gamber, Head of Merck Innovation Center. “It’s especially relevant when collaboration can improve, or even save lives.

Journey in Merck Accelerator

iXensor was selected as one of the lucky 10 in 2019 Merck Accelerator. Among 565 applications based in 68 countries around the world, we’re honored to be Taiwan’s first startup to join the program! Our CEO Alan Tsai, CTO Carson Chen, CMO Jerry Chen, and BD director Gabriel take turns to join the three-month journey. It’s a great experience for iXensor to work with Merck and other excellent teams at futuristic Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt!

We’ve Done a Great Job!

Our first collaboration with Merck, CURAFA™, is a success story happening in Africa. Our PixoTest® POCT System perfectly fits what the initiative needs. Together with CURAFA™ point of care facilities, our PixoTest® POCT System makes quality services accessible and affordable for patients. See how we are mentioned:

Installing these devices within decentralized settings in the community, such as in pharmacies or clinics, has great potential to reduce medical costs and waiting times for patients. In addition to making health checks more accessible, it also allows data synchronization to the cloud in real-time, making analytics and medical interventions easy and timely.
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It led to a successful pilot study of one of their portable healthcare devices that could help transform the delivery of healthcare services to hard-to-reach communities around the world.
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This helps to support the management of people with these common diseases by enabling on-the-spot advice for effective behavioral change.
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Users and pharmacies giving an excellent response to the operation of the device and tests
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This makes consultation on site possible! These are exactly the technical solutions that we need for our Curafa points of care,” says Boris Hesser, who is in charge of the initiative. In addition, the data can be uploaded to a cloud in real time, which means they’re also quickly available to other healthcare facilities if need be.
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