Eveline Ovulation Kit wins 2020 NAPPA Award

Eveline’s unique smart features convinced the expert jury

Eveline Ovulation Kit wins 2020 NAPPA awardTAIPEI, TAIWAN – April 8, 2020 – Eveline, the world’s first AI-powered ovulation prediction kit, was selected as a winner of the 2020 National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA).

NAPPA is one of the longest-running awards programs in its industry in the USA. For 30 years already, NAPPA has been serving as a valuable go-to source for parents that are seeking only the very best products for their families and children.

NAPPA’s evaluators were especially impressed by Eveline’s PixoTech®, a mobile health technology that detects fertility hormone surges and predicts women’s menstrual cycles. One of the evaluators was quoted as follows:

“I was so amazed with the tech and the scanning process. It felt like I had my own little lab at home and was able to clearly see when the best time to conceive was.”

Another expert judge emphasized the usefulness of Eveline’s AI-empowered prediction algorithm:

“It actually sends reminders that ovulation days are coming and tells you when the ideal time to conceive is. It seems like a real game-changer.”

Since 2017, Eveline has helped thousands of aspiring parents hit home runs during their trying-to-conceive journeys.

For more information on Eveline and the NAPPA awards, please visit https://www.nappaawards.com/product/eveline-digital-ovulation-test/

About Eveline
Eveline is the world’s first AI-powered ovulation prediction kit and aims to help families conceive stress-free in the new decade. Most couples take six months to a year to conceive, which usually includes complex calculations of ovulation cycles and hormone level measuring to determine the best timing. Eveline was created to help make this process simpler and smarter for couples. Eveline belongs to its parent company, iXensor.

About iXensor
iXensor is a new generation digital health technology company that combines medical engineering, biochemistry and information technology expertise to develop its PixoTech® platform for smart, connected healthcare. Through the integration of this technology, iXensor created PixoTest®, the world’s first FDA approved smartphone camera-based blood testing system for healthcare in 2017, followed by a wide range of professional in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and self-testing products.

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Contact Person: Nicola Krapf
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