Eveline Smart Fertility System is awarded Taiwan Excellence!

Taiwan Excellence is held by Bureau of Foreign Trade. There were 578 companies with 1,209 commodities to compete in the 26th Taiwan Excellence Award. We’re very proud to announce that Eveline Smart Fertility System is chosen among all the competitors to be awarded! Eveline Smart Fertility System innovatively integrates the ovulation tests with smartphones. With the technology that enables the front camera to analyze the test results, we can remove the guess work for women who are trying to conceive; with the Eveline App, all the test results will be automatically recorded. The App will predict users’ next period and ovulation cycle accordingly, and remind them to test! We’re proud that the system is recognized by Taiwan Excellence. Eveline will land on United States and Europe soon to provide a stress-free fertility tracking solution for women who are trying to conceive

Know more about Eveline Smart Fertility System: www.evelinecare.com