iXensor Co. Ltd. Presented at American Diabetes Association 75th Scientific Session.

iXensor Co. Ltd. the developer of PixoTest™ system presented the first product and platform at 75th American Diabetes Association Scientific Session, titled “The Performance of PixoTest: A New Non-Meter Blood Glucose Measurement System.”

Chieh Hsiao Chen is one of the founders of iXensor Co. Ltd. and also a STD fellow (Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program) and represented for iXensor Co. Ltd. to deliver the presentation at ADA’s scientific session. This study was held in China Medical University Beigang Hospital from August 1st 2013 to September 30th 2013.

Total 100 patients were enrolled. The blood glucose level of fingertip was measured by PixoTest system and glucose level from venous blood was checked by YSI as the reference. The collected glucose concentration ranges from 32 to 487 mg/dl. There is no outlier data either in the group of ≧75mg/dl or <75mg/dl, and the accuracy is 100%. Clinical data obtained by researchers meets the accuracy criteria for ISO 15197: 2003. This new technique makes the smartphone as part of the measuring system in order to improve the compliance of the patient. Since there is no more meter required and the device is all-in-one with lancet embedded, the patient can make a measurement anywhere anytime. Our study shows the performance of the system is good for accuracy while it requires further study for behavior changes.