iXensor gears up to launch the PixoTest® COVID-19 Antigen Test and PixoHealth Pass

PixoTest® COVID-19 Antigen Test and PixoHealth Pass
  • PixoTest® is among the fastest COVID-19 antigen tests for smarter pandemic management, detecting positive SARS-CoV-2 infection cases in as short as five minutes.
  • The PixoTest® POCT Analyzer offers prompt, accurate, and objective results through the standardized analysis of the rapid tests.
  • PixoHealth Pass App is positioned as the digital screening tool to support health authorities, schools, event organizers, and employers in granting immediate access for negative cases.


TAIPEI, TAIWAN/DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY/PALO ALTO, USA – November 11th, 2020 – iXensor Co., Ltd. (6734.TWO)  iXensor, the pioneer of mobile health, aims to launch an entirely digitized rapid antigen testing solution in the winter of 2020. The PixoTest® COVID-19 Antigen Test, together with the PixoTest® POCT Analyzer, accommodates a wide range of workflows. It reveals positive results objectively in as short as 5 minutes and in 15 minutes for negative cases through computer-aided analysis. The affordability and timely testing features make it an accessible solution for effective COVID-19 screening in all near-patient settings.

PixoTest® COVID-19 Antigen Test serves to ease the overwhelming demand for screening by frontline health workers in the flu season, during which the rapid distinction between COVID-19 and influenza is critical for medical triage. Public health scholar Dr. Daniel B Larremore, addressed that “Effective surveillance, which encompasses the time to detect the first infection and to enforce outbreak control, depends heavily on the test frequency and the speed of reporting.”

The laboratory validation studies have shown the detection limit of 0.5 ng/ml. iXensor will move into a clinical trial and plans to obtain CE mark approval this winter. The PixoHealth Pass app is designed to simultaneously display test results, which are issued by the PixoTest POCT Analyzer at “PixoHealth Pass-enabled” testing sites. The PixoHealth Pass carries encrypted test results, empowering users to access controlled public spaces, events, and international travel. Utilizing the PixoHealth Pass supports organizations and corporations to sustain business continuity. iXensor also develops the PixoHealth Pass Admin app for organizations such as schools to easily validate individual test results from the PixoTest analyzer with any authorized smartphone.

In addition to the PixoTest® POCT Analyzer, iXensor has prepared the mobile phone-based PixoTest® COVID-19 Antigen Test in the pipeline as the scalable solution. The PixoTest® Mobile Analyzer is running on iXensor’s machine learning-enabled PixoTech®, possessing an immense scalability in addressing massive outbreaks.


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