How it works

iXensor, the pioneer of mobile health, licenses the PixoTech® platform for medical diagnostics companies to digitalize the immunity screening model, expanding accessibility of semi-quantitative blood test of SARS- CoV-2 neutralizing antibody.

The neutralizing antibody test adds valuable health information for vaccinated people, COVID-19 patients, health policy researchers and clinicians regarding the SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing activity.

The proprietary algorithm of PixoTech® analyzes the immunochromatographic assay, turning qualitative rapid test into semi-quantitative or quantitative result.

With precise control on the screen lighting module of the smartphone, the PixoTech® algorithm can be easily customized to digitalize different biomarkers’ rapid test. Learn more about how the PixoTech licensing partnership works for iXensor’s licensing partners.

Expediting the Digital Health Transformation for Licensing Partners


Point of Care Testing


Remote Monitoring

PixoTech® Platform

PixoTech, iXensor’s core technology platform turns smartphones into in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices through its smart color sensing technology for connected healthcare. It utilizes the lighting and image sensing modules of the smartphone to detect color change reaction on immunoassay or colorimetric strips. The proprietary algorithm digitizes the reactions of immunoassay to yield qualitative or semi-quantitative or quantitative results. Contact us to learn more about how PixoTech licensing partnership works.