PixoTest POCT System won 2019 Taiwan Excellence!

  We’re honored to announce that our PixoTest POCT System is awarded 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award! It’s iXensor’s second trophy since Eveline Ovulation Test won 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award. We’re truly grateful for the honor! PixoTest POCT System extends PixoTest technology, integrating IVD tests (such as Lipid Panel, HbA1c,..etc.) with…

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GDPR Implementation Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), effective from May 25 2018, is a new European Union (“EU”) regulation that imposes more stringent requirements on companies that collect, store or process the personal data of EU residents. Any company that holds personal data of EU residents is accountable under the GDPR, regardless of…

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How can insurance companies leverage the efficiency of mobile health? iXensor is presenting their innovative Point-of-care testing system at DIA, Amsterdam.

iXensor will present their mobile healthcare at DIA in Amsterdam to show how they can save the cost and time for Insurance company. Taipei, Taiwan (May 14, 2018)- iXensor, the world’s leading mobile health provider, is going to present their innovative hand-held PixoTest Point-of-Care Testing system (PixoTest POCT System) with…

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