PixoTest POCT COVID-19 Antigen Test Covered in Med-Tech Innovation News


Med-Tech Innovation News talks about how iXensor can bring smartphone technology to aid COVID-19 testing. Bringing the end-to-end digital COVID-19 screening solution PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Antigen Testing, iXensor is ready to help organizations preventing outbreaks.

“PixoTest provides computer analyzed COVID-19 test results, lowering the risks caused by misinterpretation of human eyes. The palm-sized PixoTest Analyser transmits digitalized test results to PixoHealth Pass App users in as short as five minutes for people with high viral loads. ”

“To meet the public health and social interests of getting back to post-pandemic normal, iXensor offers the additional PixoHealth Pass Admin App and Web Portal, complementary with PixoTest, as an enterprise solution for COVID-19 screening and access control.

It supports organizations such as schools, manufacturers, multinational logistics companies, event organizers, and health authorities to easily maintain safety and sustain operations.”

Read the full article here: https://reurl.cc/4y2eXK