PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Antigen Test Covered in MobiHealthNews


iXensor has recently announced that its PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Antigen Test has received the CE-IVD mark. MobiHealthNews and other media covered the end-to-end fully digitalised rapid screening solution features: “It comprises a palm-sized analyser, a digital health pass app, an admin app and a HIPAA-grade health management web portal. Its diagnostic solution can provide results within 15 minutes. The analyser transmits results simultaneously to the user’s PixoHealth Pass app through an encrypted QR code. The app also keeps the user’s vaccination certification, a credential needed for cross-border travel in many countries today. Moreover, organisations can verify the authenticity of their members’ PixoTest result through the PixoHealth Pass Admin app. The rapid antigen test can also potentially minimise the risks of having false-negative cases compared to other rapid tests that are interpreted by human eyes.”


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