The end-to-end digital COVID-19 screening solution for outbreak prevention

The PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Antigen Testing is a smart antigen testing solution — issuing test results to PixoHealth Pass App users — designed as a new aid to managing the COVID-19 outbreak for corporations, manufacturers, schools, travel and hospitality industries.

Transform Rapid Testing Paradigm

Features and Benefits

fast and accurate result

Fast and accurate results

Detect positive cases in 15 minutes, accuracy meets EU standard.

objective, standardized analysis

Standardized analysis

Reduce human error, streamline workflow.

encrypted digital health pass​

Smart Screening

Validate tests’ authenticity, mitigate organizational risk.

PixoTest® COVID-19 Ag Test

For use with PixoTest® POCT Analyzer

The PixoTest® COVID-19 Ag Test is a rapid immuno-chromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 present in human nasopharynx. The PixoTest® COVID-19 Ag Test, together with PixoTest® POCT Analyzer (Model No. POC-X02), accommodates a wide range of workflows with its two test modes. In the Read Now mode, the analyzer yields test results within 30 seconds. The Walk Away mode offers automated timing and qualitative results in 15 minutes.


Time to results 15 minutes
Sample type Direct nasopharyngeal or nasal swab
Kit storage conditions 2°C to 30°C / 36°F to 86°F
Operating temperature 15°C to 30°C / 59°F to 86°F
Limit of detection 125 TCID50/mL
Accuracy Nasal: Sensitivity 93%, Specificity 100%
Nasopharyngeal: Sensitivity 95%, Specificity 98%
Detectable Variants Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omicron
Marketing Approval CE-IVD, TGA, TFDA EUA

Technical Performance Report

Learn more about in-depth information of analytical study results, including limit of detection, cross-reactivity, interference, as well as clinical performance studies of the computer-vision based rapid diagnostic test.

The PixoHealth Pass carries encrypted test results with personally identifiable information, empowering users to access controlled public spaces, events, and international travel. Utilizing the PixoHealth Pass supports organizations and corporations worldwide to sustain business continuity.

Download the PixoHealth Pass App

In countries with the marketing approval of the PixoTest® COVID-19 Ag Test, the PixoHealth Pass App will be available at no cost from the App Store and the Google Play store for all testees. PixoHealth Pass App will generate a unique and encrypted ID QR code for each testee upon the completion of registration.

Scan the PixoHealth Pass ID QR code

Prior to conducting the PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Ag Test at any “PixoHealth Pass-enabled” testing sites, the trained professionals need to scan testee’s unique ID QR code via PixoTest® POCT Analyzer. Once the testing is done, the PixoTest® POCT Analyzer will transmit test result seamlessly to PixoHealth Pass App users.

Benefits for organizations to deploy PixoHealth Pass

The PixoHealth Pass App will issue a “result QR code” as the digital health pass if the result is negative. It helps to ease the overwhelming demand for rapid screening in the flu season, during which the rapid distinction in between COVID-19 and flu is critical for medical triage and sustaining a safe environment.

PixoHealth Pass Admin App is a mobile screening application. The admin app allows organizations to implement access control and verify the test result of PixoTest COVID-19 Antigen Test via a QR code scan on employees, students, visitors, or travelers.

In addition, the GDPR-compliant PixoHealth Pass Admin Web Portal enables the management of your organization to grasp the real-time overview and keep track of the screening outcome.

User Journey


The PixoTest COVID-19 antigen testing, which offers computer-aided analysis of test results on the PixoTest POCT analyzer, reduces the chance of misinterpretation of the test results significantly. The majority of rapid antigen tests are read with the naked eye, resulting in increasing the risk of false negatives.

The analytical performance of PixoTest COVID-19 antigen testing is proven to be equally superior as the leading multinational IVD brands’ rapid antigen tests with a limit of detection of 125 TCID50/mL.

The PixoTest COVID-19 antigen testing can be used in any setting where frequent screening of COVID-19 infection is essential to maintain a safe environment. For instance, the schools, corporations from the airline industry and international trade, warehouses and manufacturing sites are the key areas of application, as long as the test is performed by the healthcare professionals. In the scenarios where timely screening of COVID-19 infected suspects is critical, such as visitors and participants of events, large gatherings and business meetings, the PixoTest COVID-19 antigen testing is the practical and dependable solution.

The PixoHealth Pass App will be available at no cost from the App Store and the Google Play store. Due to the existing manual reporting practices from many of the lab testing providers, testees can only receive the test report in 1-3 days. With the PixoHealth Pass App installed on the smartphones, the testees will receive the test result seamlessly and simultaneously on the app as soon as the test is analyzed. The result page on the PixoHealth Pass displays essential and encrypted information for PixoHealth Pass users to demonstrate their health conditions with evidence and convenience.

Together with PixoHealth Pass App, iXensor offers organizations and event organizers PixoHealth Pass Admin App as the tool to validate the authenticity of PixoTest®COVID-19 Ag test results shown by PixoHealth Pass App users efficiently. The PixoHealth Pass Admin App works solely as a processing tool, which validates test records generated from PixoTest® POCT Analyzer and stored on the cloud via a quick scan of PixoHealth Pass QR code. In addition, the PixoHealth Pass Admin App gives the autonomy of each organization to set the validity of the test result – the flexibility of adjusting the strictness of access control such as the maximal acceptable duration of the latest test results.


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