PixoTest POCT System won 2019 Taiwan Excellence!


We’re honored to announce that our PixoTest POCT System is awarded 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award! It’s iXensor’s second trophy since Eveline Ovulation Test won 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award. We’re truly grateful for the honor!

PixoTest POCT System extends PixoTest technology, integrating IVD tests (such as Lipid Panel, HbA1c,..etc.) with mobile device. With handheld design, it will be easier for healthcare professionals to conduct the tests anywhere. It only takes three minutes to finish the test. All the test results will be stored and synchronized to the cloud automatically. We spare no effort to provide the best solution to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of healthcare!

Learn more: https://www.pixotest.com/pixotest/clinical-and-professional/