Witness the Evolution of Women’s Health Management: iXensor will exhibit their mobile health solution at ACOG, Texas.

iXensor will join ACOG to show what they can do to make women’s health management better.


TAIPEI, Taiwan (April 23, 2018)-iXensor, the leading mobile health provider, provides the PixoTest technology which turns the front camera of the smartphone into an optical reader. They’re going to show their Eveline Smart Ovulation Test, the first ovulation tracker that allows users to track their fertility status simply through their smartphones, at ACOG.


“Eveline Smart Ovulation Test is the world’s first ovulation tracker that integrates the ovulation tests and user’s smartphone,” said Alan Tsai, CEO and co-founder of iXensor. “We aim to make the tracking easier and to make all trying-to-conceive women less stressful. I’m proud to say that we did it.”


Eveline Smart Ovulation Test has won the Best of Baby Tech Awards in Fertility and Pregnancy in CES 2018, recognizing its outstanding achievements in fertility and pregnancy technology. It also won high reputation from users on Amazon, demonstrating its excellent work.


“Ovulation test is the leading product of our Women’s Health product line. We would like to extend the technology to further development,” said Claire Tsai, Director of Business Development of iXensor. “ACOG is not only a great place for us to find the potential partners, but also a great way to learn what’s the unsolved needs from professionals. We’re thrilled to be there.”


iXensor will be at Booth No.23032 from April 28thto April 30that ACOG, Texas. Its brilliant technology will definitely be worth visiting.