Eveline is Helping Couples Conceive in the New Decade with the Help of AI Technology

Eveline Predicts Optimum Fertile Windows Based On Accumulated Real Test Result

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eveline, the world’s first AI-powered ovulation prediction kit, aims to help families conceive stress free in the new decade. Most couples take within six months to a year to conceive, which usually comes with a complex calculus of ovulation cycles and hormone level measuring to determine when the best time to try for a baby is. Eveline was created to help make this process simpler and smarter for couples.

Eveline uses PixoTech™, a mHealth technology, to detect fertility hormone surges and predict women’s menstrual cycles. iXensor, Eveline’s mother company, uses smartphone’s front camera and display lighting to read test strip color saturation with a 99% detection accuracy. Eveline app’s AI engine will predict the individual’s optimum fertile window, based on accumulated real test results and reminds users when to take action so that busy couples never miss their golden window of opportunities.

“Now that mobile has changed almost every aspect of convenience when it comes to healthcare, companies have developed technologies for women looking to conceive by calculating the menstrual cycle without real test results,” said Carson Chen, co-founder and CTO of iXensor. “After developing the initial version of Eveline, my wife and I were able to conceive stress free without hassle and are now expecting our second child.”

While Eveline is not looking to replace doctors, it offers a first of its kind “machine learning optimized AI algorithm” personalized to individual women menstrual cycles. Since 2017, Eveline has helped thousands of couples hit homeruns during their try-to-conceive journeys.

For more information on Eveline, along with further product information on their AI-powered ovulation prediction kit, please visit https://www.evelinecare.com/.

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