iXensor Backs Its Global Strategy with New Leadership Team

Taiwan-Based Pioneer in Mobile Health appoints new chairman and CEO to develop and execute its global growth strategy

  • The iXensor board of directors names Dr. Peter Fitzgerald and Dr. Carson Chen as the firm’s new chairman and CEO, reflecting the firm’s commitment to bring Taiwan’s medtech to the global market.
  • The board of directors thanks Dr. Alan Tsai, its chairman and GM to date, for his contribution to iXensor over the past seven years.
TAIPEI, TAIWAN – March 6, 2020 – iXensor Co., Ltd. (6734.TWO), a global pioneer in mobile health, announces today that its board of directors has appointed Dr. Peter Fitzgerald as its new chairman and its current Chief Technology Officer Dr. Carson Chen as its new Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect. Dr. Alan Tsai, iXensor’s co-founder and current General Manager, will continue to serve the company as Chief Operating Officer. According to Dr. Fitzgerald, “I will be fully committed as chairman in addition to my initial role as investor. I believe in iXensor’s innovative PixoTech® technology which turns smartphone cameras into clinical-grade testing devices and empowers digital health management.” To this Dr. Chen added, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead iXensor 2.0 based on Alan’s efforts in establishing the company and reaching its current markets. I believe that iXensor’s digital innovation, which combines medical and information technology, can help tackle big healthcare challenges not just in Taiwan but also worldwide.” Having witnessed iXensor’s development since its early days, Mr. Rongjin Lin, a highly-regarded biotech figure and iXensor’s investor, said, “We are at a revolutionary moment of digital health and need a more international team to take full advantage of the market opportunities ahead.” Mr. Lin continued, “We are fortunate to have a new leadership that leverages Peter’s medical expertise and global healthcare industry network, and Carson’s innovative capability and vision, to lead iXensor into the next chapter.” Dr. Peter Fitzgerald is a veteran in venture capital with a focus on medical device, digital health, and biotechnology. He co-founded Latterell Venture Partners, TriVentures, and TransPacific Venture Partners and has tremendous experience in transitioning start-ups toward the ideal next stages. Dr. Carson Chen is a visionary leader with a strong business acumen, a proven track record of innovation success, and a solid understanding of the global medtech industry, especially of the leading healthcare market in the U.S.A. He was named an Eisenhower fellow in 2019, a recognition of his professional achievements and leadership potential as a global change agent, and was a visiting researcher at MIT, Caltech, and Stanford between 2004 and 2012. About iXensor iXensor is a new generation of health tech company that integrates optics, biochemistry, and information technology expertise to develop the PixoTech® platform for smarter healthcare. Based on this integrated technology, iXensor created PixoTest®, the world’s first FDA-approved smartphone camera-based blood testing system in 2017, followed by a wide range of professional in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) under the PixoTest® POCT brand and OTC self-testing products under the Eveline® brand. Media Contact  Contact Person: Patrick Liao Company URL: www.ixensor.com Email: pr@ixensor.com Phone: +886-975-027191