PixoTest HbA1c POCT System overcame the weakness of current POC HbA1c systems

The latest clinical study, Mobile Health for Diagnosis – PixoTest HbA1c POCT System(1), published in the Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering (JMBE), proved that PixoTest POCT System can be the solution for the dilemma of incorporating both portability and accuracy simultaneously.

The study illustrated the following benefits of the PixoTest POCT, developed by iXensor, powered by the patented PixoTech.
➢ Prompt: Processing results in 3 minutes.
➢ Accurate: Lab-quality performance similar to TOSOH Analyzer
➢ Portability: The PixoTest POCT weighs about 0.31 kg with the dimensions of
181mm (L) X 111mm (W) X 51mm (H)
➢ Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi for seamless upload of all test data onto the cloud

Additionally, the PixoTest POCT analyzer allows users to test multiple biomarkers without changing device, lowering costs and reduces waste.

Beyond the clinical trial, the PixoTest POCT also demonstrated its medical value in Kenya, collaborating with Merck innovation project (2)
In the future, iXensor believes that PixoTest POCT, due to its features of prompt, accurate, portability, and data transmission, would help people lives become healthier in medically underserved areas.

Reading the full clinical study >>>


(2) https://www.ixensor.com/ixensor_web/curafa/